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    Fundamental physics to explore at the highest-intensity frontiers: IZEST

    Toshiki Tajima and Gérard Mourou
    The recent possibility to explore fundamental and high-energy physics with high intensity lasers opens up an unprecedented frontier of contemporary physics. The European scientific community working on the Extreme Light Infrastructure (ELI)[1] has built over the past 5 years a compelling scientific case [2] based on the original vision toward Exa- and Zettawatt lasers and their science scope [3], showing that the ultra intense field could be of the upmost relevance to fundamental physics and its applications. More recently the unification of the high intensity and high energy density demonstrated through the Intensity-Pulse Duration conjecture by G. Mourou and T. Tajima [4] has unified the ultra high peak power in the exawatt-zettawatt and ultra short pulses in the yocto-zeptosecond regimes. Their work gives a new wind to large-scale laser infrastructure missions and reaffirms their potential relevance to fundamental physics. Read more...