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    ICAN Workshop 3 &4 - Driver &Optical Fibre

    from June 18, 2012 to June 19, 2012
    Friedrich Schiller Universität Jena - Germany

    The next two ICAN workshops will take place in Jena, Germany on 18th and 19th June 2012.
    The topics of the workshop will be:
    - WS3 — Driver (Applications for Highest peak power fiber laser systems)
    - WS4 — Fibers
    Despite this, the discussion will be continued about a possible laser architecture, main components and possible funding strategies for first demonstration.

    The workshop will take place at the Fraunhofer IOF Jena travel maps and directions are attached.

    Registration before June 8th 2012, please contact:
    - Ellen Kämpfer
    +49 (0)3641 807 399
    - Dr. Thomas Schreiber
    +49 (0)3641 807 352
    Preliminary Agenda

    Montag, 18.06.2012
    09:00    Executive Board meeting (non-public)
    11:00    Introduction
                 Andreas Tünnermann (Fraunhofer IOF)

        Workshop discussions – Drivers
    11:15    High Energy and Power Composite Disc Picosecond Drivers for Compact  X-ray Sources, Franz Kärtner (CFEL, DESY)
    11:30    High average power lasers to produce THz for Archeology, Bianca Jackson

        Workshop discussions – Layout
    11:45    Introduction: possible demonstrator, Gerard Mourou
                 Conceptional Layout I: Rod Amplifier/Burst Cavity Enhancement, J. Limpert
                 Conceptional Layout II: Alternative Approaches, N.N.(A. Galvanauskas)
                 Conceptional Layout III: Alternative Approaches, N.N. (ORC, EcolePolyt)

    12:45    Lunch break

    13:00    continuation of Layout I-III
    14:00    Gratings for high power application, Uwe Zeitner, Fraunhofer IOF Jena
    15:00    Coffeee break and workshop discussion on Drivers and Layout   
    19:00    Discussion round table and dinner (at Intershop-Tower)
    Tuesday, 19.06.2012
    08:30    Lab Tour IOF, IAP and IPHT

        Workshop discussions – Fibers
    10:00    Perspectives on Special Fibers and their components, Lasse Leick (NKT)
    11:00    Radiation Issues in fibers, Jochen Kuhnhenn (Fraunhofer INT)
    11:45    Degradation effects in fibers, N.N. (IPHT Jena)

    12:30    Lunch break and workshop discussion on Fibers

    13:00    Workshop Conclusions, Proposal and Funding possibilities
                 Thomas Schreiber, Bill Brocklesby, Gerard Mourou
    14:00    Planning next steps within ICAN, Workshop dates and location
    15:00    End of workshop